ph360 Health & Wellness Coaching

When your Health Type profile confirms that BURPEES are not appropriate for your body type!

Science doesn’t lie….

The Fitness industry is changing from generic to personalised solutions to understand your unique body and its epigenetic needs and solutions.

ph360 is the world’s leading platform in personalised health

ph360 can provide you with health advice that is built for you!

ph360 has 15 layers of science built in including nutrition, exercise, chronobiology, and mindset

Think of what it COSTS to see a dietician, personal trainer, mindset coach, and a sleep coach individually – none of whom will be able to provide an approach as PERSONALIZED as the insights in ph360!

ph360 changes as you change, giving up-to-date advice when your health changes or as the environment changes around you to keep you in your best health.

All of this insight is accessed through a simple, 30 minute questionnaire so you have personalised health support around the clock, 24/7 through the Shae app!  This is an interactive artificial intelligence platform.

Everything contained within Shae is completely personalized to you. That’s right. ALL recipes, activities and lifestyle insights are tailored specifically to YOUR unique body.

The Science Behind ph360™

ph360™ integrates scientific evidence from multiple fields of study around the world and cutting-edge technology into one powerful platform

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ph360™ uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), ph360™ uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical profile. This allows your app, Shae, to correlate predictive, preventative personalized health data and give you practical health advice.

It took a group of the world’s leading doctors over 15 years to create Shae. By taking a ‘snapshot’ of your body, Shae can instantly create a fully tailored health plan just for you, all based on science and medicine.

There are 3 steps that allow Shae to totally personalize your program

An elaborate decisional tree and statistical probability calculations are used to accurately identify your HealthType. 17 body measurements and 22 additional questions allow Shae’s assessment to give us a precise location for where you sit on the HealthType circle.

Once this is identified, Shae uses the wealth of available research and data previously contributed by scientists worldwide to assess what kind of health risks, tendencies, strength or skills are associated with your physical shape and form.

From a further set of questions, Shae gathers information from your body on obesity, age, gender, and so on, as well as physical symptoms that you may have experienced. This allows Shae to layer the data and create a 3-dimensional avatar of your current state of health and wellbeing – the current expression of your genes.

ph360 is absolutely NOT a “challenge”, neither is it a generic diet or a lifestyle program. Each individual if they want to put their genes in their optimal state will seek to implement the health advice given from the ph360 platform and from accountability of having a coach. What you have to focus on is that the platform has measured your genes, how they are currently behaving and then it is going to prompt you with guidance on what to do moving forward so that you know the best foods, exercise, social, work, mindset and environmental considerations that actually put your body in its best health, no more guesswork!

Consider that doing what you’ve always done will more often continue to give you the same results… this is in all facets of our lives, if you want to delve deeper and optimise your health start with getting your ph360 profile done!

Putting it into practice – The information on the platform is ground-breaking, however, most of us actually need ongoing support to execute the health behaviours that are important to us (even if we know what to do).

A qualified ph360 practitioner like myself, can support you in putting the information into action and give you a greater understanding, help you know your natural tendencies, and then sustainably put it all into practice.

Who can it help? EVERYONE! Regardless of your condition, your body needs to be in a state of rest and calm to heal. The ph360 platform gives you the information to use to reduce stress and inflammation and give YOUR body the environment it needs to address many health conditions, fatigue, poor sleep, body fat, digestive issues, foggy brain function, and your health as a whole.

What to remember… ph360 is the World’s most advanced platform that gives you a guide to understanding what is going to be best for your body and your health. By using 15 different bodies of science, including genetics and epigenetics, you can KNOW the foods, exercise, social, work, mindset and environmental considerations that put your body in its best health, and give you the freedom you have been searching for to support your health with confidence.

Use your profile in conjunction with help from a ph360 health professional to create real and sustainable change in your health! Discover yourself, unravel all the secrets of your health and wellness, reach new balance and enjoy a happy and healthy life! Contact me for individual and group package options or further information.

Event: :  Personalised Detox Starting Mon 18 January – 30 day program including 10 day detox

Why Do a Detox?

  • Does your digestion wreak havoc with your everyday life?
  • Do you feel your everyday stress all over your body?
  • Are you having trouble losing weight?
  • Does your body or mind just feel sluggish?
  • Do you want to look and feel your best?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Personalized Detox is perfect for you!

A Detox helps your body work more effectively by clearing out the junk naturally and safely – all those nasty toxins and un-useful substances are released, leaving you with:

  • Fresher Skin
  • Clearer Mind
  • More Energy
  • Brighter Eyes
  • Feeling Lighter
  • A Fresh New Look