Personal Training

Louise will design a specific program just for you, to motivate you and help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Programs will be designed according to your age, fitness level, exercise history, existing medical conditions, likes and dislikes and your chosen goals. There will be an emphasis on functional movement patterns to build a body that looks great and performs better. Louise will give you mindset advice and support to improve your motivation and commitment levels, to successfully achieve your goals and life in general.

Louise specialises in:

  • Surgery Rehabilitation – I will work in consultation with our various medical practitioners to provide you with the best results.  Give you specific exercises to aid your recovery from minor or major surgery.

  • Management of Ongoing Medical Conditions – for example Diabetes and High Blood Pressure – I will provide exercises appropriate to your condition, age, fitness level and work with your Medical Practitioner.

  • Weight Loss – advice on nutritional, healthy eating  that will aid weight loss and exercise you in a way to maximise weight loss in the comfort and privacy of my small studio.  Coach you on how to break through barriers that have been holding you back or allowing you to sabotage your efforts

  • Improving Flexibility through stretching using latest techniques.

  • Baby Boomers – can’t find gyms or personal trainers that understand your age and various limitations, why not train with a mature age trainer who understands these things and will train you in the privacy of a small studio.

  • Elderly Clients – Functional Movements and Strength Training appropriate to your goals, age & fitness levels.

Personal Training can be conducted indoors or outdoors or if it is difficult for you to come to me, I can come to you and train you in the comfort of your own home/back yard.  I supply everything, so you don’t need to buy anything.

So if you are not getting the results you want with your current exercise program or are unsure your technique is correct, Louise can help you with this.

Shared Personal Training
Small groups (2 – 4) friends or family who would like to train together as a more affordable option.  This is great for motivating each other; lots of fun and ideal for couples and friends.

Wedding Preparation
If you are wanting to tone up the upper body to look fabulous for your wedding photos, I can design a program to do just that.

Fitness Appraisal
Includes medical history, training history, lifestyle, diet, weight, body fat%, BMI,  to help ensure you achieve your goals, as well as various Fitness Tests.

Program Writing
A personalized resistance and cardio program for you to work on your own to achieve your goals, with updated monthly programs if desired.

Health Fund Rebates
I am a Registered Provider for NIB, West Fund,  Teachers Health Fund,  St Luke’s Health Fund, Health Partners, Australian Health Management, CBHS.  Most health funds require the participant to have a letter from their GP recommending Personal Training as a way to treat a specific medical condition eg weight loss.

Are you ready to commit to take action and create the best version of yourself and making this year the fittest and healthiest year yet?

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