Nurturing Supportive Weight Loss Coaching

If you are frustrated with your attempts to lose weight and tired of criticising yourself for being overweight, I can help you take control today.    Make this the year you reach your goal weight.  Its time!

My coaching is individualised to each person’s needs. Being a Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, I work with you to help you change your mindset, thoughts and emotions, so you can remove deep rooted habits, beliefs and impulses that undermine your best intentions when it comes to food and weight loss. This is similar to deleting unwanted files form a computer. This will ensure long term success!

No FAD diets, just changing unhealthy eating habits to a nutritious healthy way of eating. I encourage you to focus on optimising your health through balanced, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Being a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, I help you to choose the best exercises for you to lose weight.  This can be any form of movement that you enjoy; it doesn’t mean joining a gym or doing Personal Training!

Weight Loss Coaching can also be done in small groups.

Why not form a group and I’ll come to you?

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