Metafit High Intensity Interval Training

Amazing results in 30 minutes.

Combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest High Intensity Interval Training Techniques, non-choreographed, to set the metabolism on fire!

Turn your body into a burning fat machine for up to 24 hours after the session

Metafit training allows you to keep lean muscle at the same time as melting fat to help you achieve a more toned body.

Suitable for all fitness level and abilities.

Metafit works! Results are Quick!!

Can be enjoyed one-on-one, shared Personal or Small Group Training or classes



Duration: 30 mins
Class Times: Currently:

6.15am to 6.45 am Saturday


Future Classes Planned:

7.15 pm to 7.45 pm Tuesday

6.30am to 7am Wednesday

4pm to 4.30 pm Saturday

Location: Oak Flats Community Hall,

43/45 Griffiths Street

Investment: $10 per class