How to Make Exercise Fun Again

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Personalised Training

If your fitness regimen has become boring or hard work, it’s time to put some fun back into and rediscover all those great Kid’s games that double as exercise.


The humble skipping rope is the most inexpensive yet portable of all gym equipment. Revive those school playground memories of pounding the playground with pigtails flying in the wind.

The beauty of skipping is that a few 5 minute burst (or 10 mins depending on your fitness level) over the course of the day are all you need to get your heart rate up. The skipping rope also works your arms, core and legs and can improve bone density, coordination and balance.

While the jumping part is really child’s play, the take-off and landing require precision so as not to damage more “mature” knees and ankles. Use those natural shock absorbers of the body by staying on your toes with your knees slightly bent. Hold the rope at hip height with your palms facing your body and your elbows in. You don’t have to jump high, just a few centimetres.

So if you’re looking for some fun ways to add variety to your fitness regimen, why not try a Personal training Session tailored to your particular goals or a boxing class, where you actually get to skip!!

More suggestions for fun ways to exercise coming in the next few weeks!